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Hey, you bestest Ekko ever! Itw as great to see you! And I'm so sad that I don't see you more often, bseauce it's just not the same level of closeness with kids your age when I only get to see you once a year. But it's still heaps and heaps of fun!!! You tell stories about all sorts of interesting and funny things. It's just wonderful to talk to you and then have the conversation all go a bit surreal and absurd. And I'm so glad that you like your piggy. Dietmar put quite the effort in to find this one. And then you had to open the parcel at a secret place . It's wonderful to see how excited you get when your Daddy comes home (Zoe gets pretty excited too, I tell you!). It's a bit sad that school makes you all tired. I hope it gets better. You are probably the only child I know that can sleep in forever and ever! And when you finally wake up, you still claim you're tired!I love you, Ekko-Bekko, just you remember that! And I soooo look forward to seeing you hopefully next year again!

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Fiecare om are talentul lui! Unii, insa nu au sansa sa si-l descopere...e nevoie de un vis, de o pasiune, de un imbold sau, de ce nu, de o provocare ca sa il scoata la lumina! In cazul meu a fost...
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