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Black Student Movement is race-centric? You don't say. I'm a white guy, but if having "black vluaes" means you think black folks should have equal rights and be free from prejudice, then you could say I have black vluaes. And proudly. In regards to the rhetoric of "forward march," do you deny that equal rights for African-Americans represents a "forward march," historically speaking? Appealing to the idea of revolution and the symbol of the black-power fist, do seem to me to be a bit outdated, as I wouldn't say "revolution" aptly describes anything going on right now. (Where do you get the idea that "freedom" and "revolution" are exclusively Marxist ideas? Ever heard of the "American Revolution"?) The black-power fist is just a symbol of the movement from early days; its best to think of the fist as a way of denoting a kinship with earlier activists. Where do your ideas of what black, red, and green come from? Did a member of BSM provide you with that insight, or are you just making it up? Is the black color of the title "Carolina Review Daily" also meant to evoke the idea of "black people"?

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A fost o data ca niciodata...un inceput.Inceputul existentei mele, sub chipul unei fetite botezata Anca.Apoi inceputul unei noi jucarii in casa, jucarie la care nu aveam acces decat supravegheata...
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