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Oh my Dear Friend Ms. Suzie!!!How proud of you I am! It's a befiautul video, from a befiautul woman (moon face and all!) sharing a befiautul story of courage!Having been one of the few that really knew what was going on from the beginning, it is absolutely WONDERFUL to see you back in front of the camera, and back in front of your LIFE!I can't wait to see where you go from here Dearest One! Wherever it is I know it will be full of love, light and color we DO have that in common don't we? 11Much love and big hugs!Rainbow Blessings!
Hi Stephen,Great to meet you and thank you for sharing your story. it is amianzg how a scare or gift from God spearheads change and I believe sets us on out true purpose. I relate to your challenge with meditation, I have been there and now use a variety of different techniques depending on how spirit moves me. As I still have a month or more of this healing journey I am looking at spending more time in meditation to get clarity about moving forward and what else i have to share. namaste Suzie ♡
Thanks for the lovely coemtnms about the Jester shots. Hayley did a great job a capturing the day and how I fit into events. It was great to work with Hayley and her team yesterday as well. [url=]tnfksgx[/url] [link=]jvfbvzll[/link]
You rock in so many ways!!! I am seriously dnremiag you & Lisa will come help me DIY my house up some day. Then I could really bring some pins to life!!!! Lots of love for you my dear

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A fost o data ca niciodata...un inceput.Inceputul existentei mele, sub chipul unei fetite botezata Anca.Apoi inceputul unei noi jucarii in casa, jucarie la care nu aveam acces decat supravegheata...
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