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Hi Suzie, I am so glad to hear that you are on the mend and thanks for shnirag a wonderful insight into your healing journey. I had my own scare about 5 years ago when, in my mid forties, I had a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or mini-stroke that ain't supposed to happen! For me, though, it was the re-start of my spiritual journey which has opened up my great desire to help others, and I have since become certified in stress management, coaching and mentoring and NLP, to add some knowledge to my own experience. Although I still find meditation difficult, I have learned to still my mind and that has made a big difference. Thanks again for shnirag. Take care, StephenStephen Gemmell last fabulous post..
Hi Supersturdy,Your solution to heal Kevin's imnume system is a good one. About a year ago, I spent a month in the hospital, close to death with an autoimmune disorder where my body went after the mylin sheath around my nerves. I was treated medically to stop the physical cycle. But I had to go deep inside myself emotionally and spiritually to discover why I was attacking myself, and find the missing pieces to the puzzle. Mind body- spirit are all interconnected, and healing is an inside job.Richard

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A fost o data ca niciodata...un inceput.Inceputul existentei mele, sub chipul unei fetite botezata Anca.Apoi inceputul unei noi jucarii in casa, jucarie la care nu aveam acces decat supravegheata...
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