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ati auzit de stilul pictorialist? a murit in anii '20, cand lumea a auzit de lartigue. astea sunt fotografii ce merita expuse? va bateti joc de noi? ati auzit de fotografia contemporana? astea-s fotografii de desktop pentru windows. fara suparare, ati expus gunoaie. oricine poate face fotografiile alea. oricine. chiar oricine. nu ascund vreun substrat nu au nimic viu cum zice madalina de mai sus. mai dati o raita pe la civ (caminul artei), pe la mnac (muzeul nantional de arta contemporana).
13 of 13 people found the fiollwong review helpful Nice enough!, September 11, 2012Bya0 (LA) a0a0 Amazon Verified Purchase() This review is from: Purchased this for my sister, she needded a replacement for the school year and is a teacher. Long and short, I like the drop replacement warrenty for a year, since she has dropped a few.I would have gone for a net book with the same processor, but she and I both have old eyes.It seems well enough put together, a couple of things I would recomend. In order to get it to move, turn-off non-needed programs that run as services, these programs can be found using taskmgr and then disabling under Control PanelSystem and SecurityAdministrative Tools services then add ram, or add a SSD or hybrid drive, These things fly under linux with correct drivers and also win8, which has been optimize for AMD CPU's. win 7 installed is somewhat pokey with bloatware, Or just reload with the rescue CD's they don't have the added programs. If you do some of the things outlined it should become alot better.Also be sure and look up programs up before disabling.Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0
21 of 23 people found the fllwooing review helpful ASUS A53U-EB11 15.6-Inch Laptop (Mocha), August 11, 2012Bya0 Amazon Verified Purchase() This review is from: The product is everything you could ask for and more, it's so simple to use, and such a great quality, for a pretty great price, the shipping came faster than I expected, and the product itself was more than I was looking for, I'm currently using this laptop for school, but you'll see you can use it for more than just school. It's really a great product, and I'm sure you'll have no doubts when you get it, just like I did. A great buy. Although one thing it doesn't come with Microsoft office, or any of the above, so you'll have to buy that, but other than that, it's a great and convinced product.Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0
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Salut... Eu sunt Cata si imi place fotografia...Imi place tot ce tine de fotografie...aparatura, lumina...arta.Pasiunea asta a inceput acum 2 ani...cand pur si simplu m-am trezit cu un aparat in...
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