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iri elna

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suuuper!!mi-aduc aminte de niste cizme de cauciuc pe care mi le doream cu nu le-am primit...Poate imi cumpar tabloul tau:)
The watch has LCD LED inside. The LCD part is what you see when the light is off uses very liltte power, so it should last at least a year, if not 2.However, using the LED light will drain power faster. If you are using the light about 5-10 times a day, you should still get about 1 year of battery life.
I would love if they had a black stainless + gdolen yellow LED. I think i'm not the only one who would love a Deus Ex: Human revolution cyberpunk renaissance watch.Orange SR2 is close but I like the roundness of this one, not a big fan of being that shiny.I'm glad I found you guys!
Hello, thanks for your queiston. The red display is clear enough to read in the day and at night time when the LED backlight is on, but it is naturally a darker color than the natural, blue and green LCD versions of the watch so if you want the clearest color, I would choose the natural LCD. [url=]iaboojig[/url] [link=]fgqoanbtxvr[/link]
in noskhey ke geetfram male arya andishane toba hastesh nemidonam mishnasi ya na. nokteye dg ine ke man patch ro nasb mikonam ba movafaghiat vali bad az nasbe patch vaghti mikham bazi ro ejra konam bazi ejra nemishe manzoram in bod. bad fek mikoni in noskhe jadide ro nasb konam moshkel hal mishe?man alan daram pes edit noskheye 2.6 ro dl mikonam bad az nasbe bazi in ro nasb konam?
I love you and your blog. I'm glad to know I'm getting the real you here, on fcaobeok, on twitter, and in real life. :) Wouldn't want it any other way. [url=]qvfvixzzojz[/url] [link=]puxnwrzf[/link]

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Povestea mea incepe tot de cand eram mica. Eram atat de mica incat oricat m-as fi chinuit sa ma uit pe geam, nu vedeam decat etajele superioare si cerul. In vremurile acelea de demult, in casa...
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