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Irinushka!Prosto spasibo! Strannim oozarbm segodnja vo sne 4itala pismo ot tebja, soderzanija kotorogo polnostju ne pomnju. No 4to-to o lozno vibrannom puti ili o nepravilnom podhode. I ja prosnulas s voprosom, 4to ze dalse...A sei4as pro4itala tvoju statju i kak-to projasnilos vsje v abrozovom svetebb:).
This is precisely the point I was tniyrg to underline: it’s time to abandon both the old psychological and limited view of the ego as a kind of “organ” that can be trained, modified, made thinner or fatter according to the external world needs and also the “spiritual” view that considers the ego as a sort of enemy or at least a kind of beast that must be tamed or controlled.The fact that one wants to be successful (for example, but it’s the same for any other question) must not be viewed in terms of ego because this is not only a simplification, but a distortion. The forces that drive our acts and desires are complex and include the so called ego, the experiences we had in the past, the social habits and tendencies, our mental and physical characteristics… in a word, we act on the base of what we are and we are what we are on the base of our inner characteristics and of the external inputs that modify us.On a spiritual level, my view is that we are a kind of projection on the physical plane of our “Higher self” but again what matters HERE is this projection, not the “Higher self”.Therefore, these approaches that want us divided into two parts, a “good” higher one and a “bad” lower one, seems to me an attempt to escape, to deny our nature, to cheat, to find a false way out of our contradictions and problems.What is happening now (and Irinushka is describing this transition), among other things, is the coming of the “Higher self” into our physical presence here on Earth and accepting this transition will be a lot easier if we first of all accept what we are now: if we keep waiting for a miracle that will automatically change us into something else, perhaps into the more or less idealized view of a perfect self that we have, chances are that this miracle won’t happen or, more likely, will happen but we won’t be able to see and appreciate it.
Michael Price - If you're reading these posts then you too can get invelvod and make comments too it might even let us know what your diggin and whatcha hatin'
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